The Hurricane of the Varstray -Threat of third force-

Available in the near future! Steam & DMM GAMES
The Hurricane of the Varstray -Threat of third force-, SoundTracks Steam Edition
MU is super mystery magazin. Mu cooperated. Chasing the UFO mystery!!


  • ■Four stages and a little something extra were made newly.
  • ■This main characters is "Aurelia" & "Leontina". Overthrow a swarm of the UFO using a new weapon!
  • ■The original story which was able to be realized by "MU" cooperation.
  • ■"UFO Panels" are hidden in the game. Let's collect UFO Panels and complete a UFO guide. Surprised
     by the hidden facts.
  • ■Stage sounds was made newly.
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The Hurricane of the Varstray -Threat of third force-,
  • Title: The Hurricane of the Varstray: Threat of third force
  • Sale: Steam / DMM PC game / Packaged Software
  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Language: Japanese / English(Voice is Japanese only)
  • Price: [Steam]$3.99(excluding tax)
  • Relese Date: 4 Apr.2017
  • Please note:
  • ※ This game is the Additional content of "The Hurricane of the Varstray: Collateral Hazard".
      It will not work with this game alone.
  • ※ The price of this product is different from sales price of Japan in shipment fees and etc.
  • ※ Please check the price of DMM PC game ver. and Packaged Software on each exclusive page.
  • ※ Each medium is incompatible.
  • ※ DMM PC game version is bundle sale with "The Hurricane of the Varstray: Collateral Hazard".
  • ※ DMM PC game version is not available in some areas.
  • ※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.


A certain day in October, 2900 AD. In the middle of their struggling war against the Mechanical Structures, the Federal Space Force of Eirene’s Headquarters had a baffling encounter with a technology thought to be brought from outside Earth’s sphere of space. An unknown army appeared at the same time as the technology. Amid the gradually growing tensions, the Federation’s Military Technical Information Department enacted their strategy under one assumption. An unknown technology and an unknown enemy. There must surely be something behind all this. The burden of ascertaining this unprecedented enemy lies on the shoulders of the young Aurelia Weidenfeller.

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Character name:Aurelia Weidenfeller. Character Voice:Shoobee

Aurelia holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and is a fighter pilot at the Federal Space Force of Eirene’s Headquarters, Zeta Graffias Military District.She is an elite officer whose superior intelligence has granted her two roles, one of which is being in charge of the Federation’s Military Technical Information Department. Her hobbies include playing with machines, and she has the curiosity of a kitten. Her words are slightly accented and she has a complex over having a tinier body than average. She is short-tempered and arrogant, but also exceedingly serious and cares a lot for her subordinates. She also possesses a tendency to take an interest in anything. Not only does she love difficult technical books, but also manga and gossip magazines.

Character name:Leontina Tudor. Character Voice:Junca Amaoto

Leontina is a computer specialist Headquarters hired temporarily from somewhere. She is generally expressionless and speaks little, but she will also say whatever is on her mind and will ruthlessly nag at her superior’s mistakes. Not knowing what she is thinking makes her hard for others to handle, but everyone recognizes she is a computer genius. Also, she is absurdly tall and has an extremely large chest. She is serving as Aurelia’s assistant for this mission, but who is she really?


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